• This isn't just office administration


  • What We Do

    We take care of your office, so your company could keep doing what it does best.

    Outsourced Administration

    Specializing in Startups and High Tech Companies

    Mission: Give your business the boost it needs.

    Office administration is a hard and complicated business. We have the knowledge and experience needed to make your office buzz like a perfect beehive.

    Personal Assistant Service

    for CEOs and Senior Managers

    Mission: Help you do what you do best.

    Managers have crazy lives. A personal assistant can take the weight off of your shoulders and free your time to do what you want to do.

    Financial Management

    Mission: Make your financials flow in and out with ease.

    Maintaining cash flow is critical. We know how to take care of your employees and your customers so your company thrives while everyone is happy and satisfied.

    Outsourced Business Management

    Mission: Give you the kind of manager you've always wanted.

    Finding high quality managers is not an easy task, but sometimes the show must go on. Save time on looking for the perfect manager and let us provide you with a manager that your business will fall in love with.

    Human Resources

    for Companies With 25 Employees or Less

    Mission: Manage your company's most valuable asset.

    Finding great employees is one thing and keeping them satisfied is another. We know how to do both. Happy employees = happy company. 

    Personal Mentoring

    for Small, Growing Businesses

    Mission: Be there for you in every step of your way.

    You have a great product to sell, but have you ever thought about the business side of things? Let us guide you through the rough jungle of the business world, and ensure your future success.

  • Why Outsource?

    Because it's awesome. That's why.

    Outsourcing is the leading, most efficient and most economical model in the business market today. It individually adapts to your business needs and allows it to maintain a high degree of flexibility while dealing with the least amount of time-consuming bureaucracy.


    Outsourcing allows the company’s professionals to focus on the core activity of the business, while still accomplishing 100% of your back-office tasks.

  • Want Some Honey?

    We do wonderful things for our clients.

    Want to bee one?

  • Stay In Touch

  • Bumble Bees perform small warm-up exercises before taking flight.


    We will never take one of your

    business missions without preparation.


    Honeybees communicate with each other by dancing.

    We promise communicating with us will be just as fun.


    Honeybees can calculate angles, even if they have never flown to those angles.

    We will perform any task perfectly, even if we've never flown there before. We love innovation and unconventional things.

    Bees can be trained to detect bombs, using the same senses they use to detect pollen.

    We will detect the weak spots you never knew about and solve them.

    Honeybees have over 170 billion odorant receptors.

    We can identify the special scent of your business and help you spread it all over.


    Changing queens, bees will change the personality and behavior of the entire colony. Each queen has its own preferences, its own character.

    Your business is a new queen to our super professional hive, we know how to adapt our working systems to suite your specific needs.


  • We value the trust our clients give us when they choose to disclose their companies' business and inner workings to us.

    We take pride in our professionalism regarding such matters and put an emphasis on keeping sensitive business information private.